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Alexa Studios is located in Owego, NY…..For people portraits and Boudoir, click here.

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We service all surrounding areas, including Binghamton, Itahca, Elmira, Vestal, etc.

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Any pet that fits in our studio is welcome. Elephants and Tigers not allowed.


Our studio is disinfected after every session. We also use an ozone machine overnight.


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Creative Pet Photography at Alexa Studios

Our studio is located in Owego, NY and centrally located to the Binghamton, Ithaca, Elmira and Bradford Counties in PA. Please contact us for more information and don’t forget to visit our Pricing page.

Pets are so special, they are part of the family, unfortunately, they pass on way too early. Cherish their memories forever with creative works.

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Chloe was so fast when she snatched up Nate. So took off running so fast, Lexi was flying behind her. 

CHLOE, STOP, bring Nate back. But no, Chloe just keeps on running. CHLOE, CHLOE, come back!

Where on earth is Chloe going? I hope she doesn’t hurt Nate, although, she has never hurt anyone before, she just might bite down too hard.

Visit off for the rest of the story and find out what she did with Nate.

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Creative Pet Photography

Damsel in Distress

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago. there was a very beautiful young pup born, from forbidden love. She came from a very strong stock for her breed. Her father was a Yorkshire Terrier with royal blood and her mother was a gorgeous Maltese bred by a wealthy family in the hills.